Rohozec: Czech Castle & Czech Beer


I had a great day today! I enjoyed beautiful autumn weather just before it leaves away and is replaced by cold drizzling. I took the opportunity and went to the castle Hrubý Rohozec which is around one hour far from Prague. Although this castle is not so famous, it is very nice and the guided tour is interesting. Don´t forget to visit the park afterwards!

Hrubý Rohozec


The wall

Autumn in Rohozec

Small lake with small golden fish


After some time of exploring Czech history and the park, you will become a bit hungry :-) You can go for a cup of coffee to the castle cafe "U Johanky" and taste excellent cakes. Or as we did, have lunch in one of the various venues in neighbourhood. There is the fabulous Ábelův mlýn with amazing menu and desserts in Dolánky. Unfortunately, it is closed on Monday. Therefore we picked up the restaurant of the brewery Rohozec. When you walk in, it looks like in 80th or 90th. The same states for the menu (even written in a multicoloured pencil on a piece of paper)! But don´t be discouraged! Their homemade dishes are tasty as well as local beer. Try Czech typical cuisine (salty & sweet dumplings, sirloin, roasted beef etc.) and drink dark beer.

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