Little Piece of America


My big dream is to visit America once! Usually, I think about my American trip before Halloween. It is because all these smiling & lighting pumpkins, costume parties etc. I decided to bring a little piece of America to my home in the Czech Republic this year. I baked a traditional American pumpkin pie!

There is the result!

If you want to check out the recipe, click. ;-) I am really a bad cook. But I took my courage and made slight changes in the recipe (mostly because I was too lazy or missed some of ingredients):
  1. I did not bake the pumpkin. I just cooked it in water for ca. 20 minutes and then I mashed it.
  2. I didn´t have pumpkin pie spice. I had cinnamon instead. But I think you could use pinch nutmeg or ginger as well.
  3. I put little pieces of dry apricots and pecan nuts on the pastry before I poured the mashed pumpkin.
PS: This little piece of America was tasty but did not fulfill my desire. I need to go to the US anyway!

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