Another beautiful weekend in Prague


This post is not about this weekend but about the last one because I am bit in rush :-) Last weekend was exactly one of the weekends proving why I love Prague so much!

It was quite a girlish weekend :-) It started in the Crystal bar with my girlfriends on Friday´s night. I love the wide offer of cocktails in this bar. If you don´t know what to choose, let bartenders decide for you. I did it and it was worthy! I got a special seasonal cocktail with the amazing combination of cinnamon and orange.

The next day I went with my girlfriends to Náplavka for lunch. There was a snowboard & ski show with real snow (not usual for this time!) and more... a great market with delicacies along the Vltava river. It took us some time to choose a stand for my lunch because of so many possibilities - pasta, pastry, pancakes, soups etc. In the end, I tasted a Balkan specialty called pljeskavica, which was good but the peak of the gastronomy came later in the afternoon.

After a squash match with my friend, we went to the exhibition World Press Photo. It was so crowded, that we disappeared in few moments. We moved to Peace Square where a burger fest took place. I am not fan of burgers but this occasion is wonderful! I could recommend Black Dogs. Although this restaurant is out of Prague, it is worthy to go there and taste their burgers... Then you will forget about McDonald because it is totally different experience ;-)

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