One Day in Prague during Indian Summer


I love Prague! I have been living in this amazing city more than 5 years. And still... I explore new things every day and I enjoy walking through the city every season, because it is so exciting! I had a special guest this weekend and of course I wanted to show her all the best places I know and I like so much.

Best start ever? Brunch!

We started our day by a very good brunch in French style in Cafe Louvre on Saturday. Afterwards we walked to the National Theatre because there is a lovely view on the Prague Castle from this place. Then we continued through the bridge to the opposite site of river Vltava, where we climbed to Petřín, which is one of the hills in Prague. Climbing was quite demanding but we were rewarded by a lack of touristson the journey  and more lovely views on the whole Prague.

Little Quarter

We had had a short stop in Strahov Monastery and Loreta before we entered the gates of the Prague Castle, where we admired the St. Vitus Cathedral from outside as well as inside. We took The Old Castle Stairs to get to Malostranská and Charles Bridge, which was overocrowded by tourists! We still had the fresh space in Petřín in our minds when we walked to the Old Town Square with the famous astronomical clock.

Cake, please!

After so many walking steps and stair, we needed a piece of cake and coffee, thus we headed to Cafe Cafe in Rytířská street. This cafe is incredible fency and the cakes! I have no words to discribe them... You just have to try them!

Fashion hub

Althoug we didn´t have much time for shopping, we decided to skipped fashion street Na Příkopech but we couldn´t resist and entered some shops in the Wenceslas Square.
And programm for the evening? After dinner in my favourite Italian restaurant Pizza Coloseum we went to a fashion show of Beata Rajská, famous Czech fashion designer. It was my first fashion show ever and I was so so excited. I must say: "Prague Fashion Week RULEZ!"

End of the day? Only in the stylest bar

We ended our ladies day in the same style as we started. We went to the Hemingway bar! I would recommend to have a reservation when you go there. We didn´t have it but we very pretty lucky (Anna, thank you for pushing us through!). The Hemingway Bar devotes considerable attention to his drinks of choice: absinthe, rum and Champagne. If you are confused by the menu, let the bartender advice you. You will not make mistake. And my hit: Applepearska - pears and cinnamon in a jam-jar.

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