My Bohemian Paradise


I come from the Bohemian Paradise! That is a protected nature area in the middle of Czech Republic. I moved there from a city when I was 14. To be honest, I didn´t like it at all! I felt lonely and betrayed by parents... You know! Teenager! :-) As time passed and I spent there still less and less time, my opinion has changed. Nowadays, I do enjoy days/weekends spent in the Bohemian Paradise, when I come from even a bigger city than I moved at the age of 14. I would like to tell you three reasons for the change.

Hunter of Kilometers

Its name got the Bohemian Paradise not by incident! First, it is paradise for cyclists. I join this cycling madness to get out from the village but I found it a great fun and now I cycle as much as possible. When I don´t have much time I go ca. 20 km. This trip takes me around 45 minutes and starts from Kněžmost. This journey is not demanding (just one hill). You cycle on roads without cars and you can see woods, ponds and fields which change during the seasons. I created a map for you.
When I have more time, I go for a longer trip. There are hundreds of possibilities. I created a map for another trip, which takes ca. 3 hours with a break for lunch in Chlum. Don´t worry, there is a pub in each village, thus you can refresh yourselves by tasty Czech bier during the whole trip :-)
Park your car in Kněžmost, where is the starting point. Then go to Branžeš and to the Kost castle. If you have time, it is worthy to visit it (they have English tours!) and get the touch of Czech history. From there, go through the valley to Libošovice and turn to Vyskeř. Have lunch in Chlum as promised and continue rising to Vyskeř. From here you can go even further to Malá Skála or just turn to Žehrov and then to Branžeš again. You are back in Kněžmost after few kilometers.

Walking through the Woods

Bohemian Paradise is not only paradise for cycling but also for walking. I discovered lovely places during walking with my dog Ron. Unfortunately, my dog passed away last year but I keep memories in my mind and all the places we visited together. I will be always grateful for what we discovered together because he showed me the beauty of nature.
Our typical Sundays´ walk was around ponds Branžež and Drhleny. There are lots of narrow paths through the woods, you cannot get lost. Or we used to walk from Kněžmost to ruins of the Valečov castle and a very nice walk is around the Valdštejn caste.

Rural Temptation

My favorite restaurant is Agarden, where you can enjoy rural cuisine done by love. Interior of the restaurant is very nice and the menu is simple but delicious. I usually save some place for a dessert :-) My favorite is chocolate suffle! Unfortunately, the website is not in English.

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